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Patryk Czarnik

IT expert
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Although my activities are miscellaneous, I identify myself primarily as a programmer. Working with code, as an author, teacher or reviewer, I pay a special attention to its quality, using best practices and avoiding bad ones.

University background and different experiences gave me a solid basis in broad computer science (including logic and semantics, but also e.g. SQL or UML), and in several areas I possessed expert knowledge and skills:



For several years I have been an employee of Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, University of Warsaw, where I was conducting lectures and classes for computer science students. Currently I still conduct lectures and classes (but in much smaller volume) and I continue my research regarding formal methods of software verification.


Since 2008 I've conducted 130 IT trainings (440 days overall). More on trainings...

Software development

I received many years of experience as a programmer (aka software developer ;)), both in a regular work in teams and companies (EVS/Alphyra Poland, TLS Technologies), and individually for my private or teaching purposes, within university projects and eventually as a commercial freelancer or a subcontractor of my friends' small companies (Eisenbits, Redpill).


Currently, I eagerly take jobs which allow me to leverage my knowledge and skills within a moderate amount of time, by performing small specialised tasks or giving consultations.


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